Friday, August 8, 2014

Why Should You Vote, my viewpoint

Having served on the Kewaunee County Board now for a few years, I hear it over and over from the taxpayers who complain about their representatives on the board.  “My Supervisor is not representing the people in the district, or the county board needs to be replaced”, or some such comment.  And sometimes I am in complete agreement with them! 

My answer to that, however, is “What have you done about it?”  Did you try to find a candidate that would represent your district?  Did you vote in the last election?  Almost always, those same people who are complaining most frequently are the same folks that did nothing to change the direction in their own back yard.  They didn’t take the time encourage a different outcome and worse yet, they didn’t take the time to vote!
Although your voice is loudest at the local level and provides you credibility, this applies to all elections.  Voting is the way to having your voice heard.  And yes, your vote does count.  For example, right now, on the Kewaunee County Board, we have one outstanding Supervisor who is contributing greatly to the county on the board.  He has great experience and is working passionately on several fronts to move this county in a positive direction, and he won his election by ONE VOTE!

Voting changes your community, being active in the electoral process provides you the voice to ensure your community is not lost in the shuffle. Voting effects change.  Once again, on the current county board, we have nine new faces.  Why is that?  Simple, the VOTERS made their voices heard and elected new officials.
Prepare yourself for the election.  Before you vote, it is important you understand who will be on the ballot and then who you are voting for.  Your County Clerks’ office or Town Clerk has all the information as to what candidates are on the ballot.  This information is also available online at all levels of government, for example, in Kewaunee County go to;, then click on Elections.

In local elections, like ours in Kewaunee County, it is certainly permissible to pick up the phone and call a candidate and question them on their positions on the various issues.  Read the various articles about the candidates, get on the internet and conduct your own research.  Research the candidates’ background, jobs experience, education, etc. and determine, before going to the polls who best represents you.

On August 12th, we have an important primary election that will determine which political candidates will appear on the ballot in November.  Take the time to research these candidates, understand who they are and what they are made of.  YOU can make a difference, YOUR VOTE is important.  Voting is not hard, doesn’t take a great deal of time, but it does require action on your part.