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I consider myself a conservative.  I am Vietnam Veteran, a member of the Republican Party and a member of the NRA. 

I was born on a dairy farm right on the shores of Lake Michigan, just on the north outskirts of Algoma Wisconsin.  I quickly learned what cold weather was and we learned at an early age how to deal with that. Keep moving and move fast!  That tends to keep you warm.  I was the youngest child in a family of seven, four boys, three girls.

Because of the location of our farm, adjacent to the city of Algoma, the school bus would not pick us up, so we walked to school.  I attended St. Paul's Lutheran School which was about a 2 mile walk each way.  When it was cold, I would walk faster and faster so soon I'd be running.  Running is something I have enjoyed all my life, still do it now, only on a treadmill, looking out the window at the snow.

I attended Algoma High School and graduated in 1963. (http://www.algomahighschool.com).  On the weekend of August 3rd, 2013 our graduating class celebrated our 50th reunion.  We had a very close-knit group from our class and experienced a 70% turnout of those still alive from our class in attendance.  Surprisingly 17 of our classmates have already departed the world.

A few months after graduating from High School, I moved to New York City to take a job with Eastern Airlines.  What a culture shock that was!  From Kewaunee County with a total population of some 19,000 to NYC with about 7 million folks.  This is where I began my career in the travel industry where I started at the LaGuardia airport ticket counter and ended up operating large travel companies. This was a career that took me to Milwaukee, Orlando, Merritt Island, FL, Boston MA., Thousand Oaks, CA., Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV., and Toronto, Canada.  Additionally, it allowed me to visit some 68 countries throughout the world.

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  1. Mr. Heuer:

    I saw you on the Marcus Dee show. With all due respect, I have a comment: My understanding of election/voting law is that, according to Rudy Giuliani, the Constitution says the Legislature has Plenary power to regulate voting and elections NOT the Governor! You may want to check with him.
    Kindest regards,
    Shannon M Kennedy
    Veteran and Common Citizen
    PS: Thank you for your service.����