Sunday, February 28, 2021

Kewaunee County Housing Study 2021

 Have a look at the future of Kewaunee County through the eyes of Bay Lake Planning Corp, who Kewaunee County commissioned to complete a Housing study on the County.  This report has some very interesting numbers in it that you may enjoy.  Here is an interesting number - fifty-eight yes 58.  That is the total growth in population expected to be seen in Kewaunee County over the next twenty, yes 20 years!  

When you look at the number of vacant homes and apartments in the report, it seems we have plenty of housing.  However, the key operative word here is "AFFORDABLE".  Affordable by whose standards?

Well anyway, enjoy it, the report is here Kewaunee County Housing Study 2021

WVA - Wisconsin Voter Alliance - Update/Information

 A lot of good work on election reform is being done in the Wi Legislature and regardless of what our feckless Gov Evers may, or may not sign into law, this work has to be done.  

The WVA, who is affiliated with The Amistad Project fills a very important role in the overall process of trying to put integrity back into the voting process, and we will work closely with the legislators to assist where and when we can.

Each of the battleground States faced different challenges during the Nov election.  In WI it seems WEC, Wisconsin Election Commission combined with the influence of the Zuckerberg money created the biggest challenges for Wisconsin.  I hope the legislators focus on stopping all outside money from influencing our election process, and secondly take the process of certifying an election away from WEC.  Also, with regard to WEC, there is no reason why they should be allowed to promulgate rules changes without legislative approval. Just one example of this would be how they handled the indefinitely confined voting issue.

Feb 28th, Back in October 2020, we filed a Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief in the U.S. District Court. This complaint was seeking a ruling from the court to stop the flow of the Zuckerberg money into the overall election process. We were summarily turned down by District Judge Griesbach. That complaint dealt with the primary cities in Wisconsin of Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Kenosha and Racine. We correctly maintained that Zuckerbucks being provided largely to left-leaning cities created a two-tiered voting system. So, CTCL baffled the Court with a bunch of smoke, and effectively dispelled our claim that this money was, in fact, creating a two-tiered voting system. Early on, CTCL realized if they were too blatant in providing money to only those left-leaning cities where they could influence the vote it would be too obvious. So, they spread a little money to those cities that applied for it. Follow this link to see CTCL Covid Money by City

Here is a perfect, simple, example of how this money created a two-tiered system. The city of Green Bay received $1,615,000 of Zuckerbucks or about $28.30 per registered voter. The city of Kewaunee received $5,000 or about $2.80 per registered voter. I would challenge anyone, including Judge Griesbach to convince me of anything equal about that. This whole outside money being injected into the election process has to be stopped.

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Ron Heuer
President, WVA