Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kewaunee County Land Owners Take Another Hit!

Kewaunee County Land Owners Take Another Hit!

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters (WLCV) are lying to the voters.  Their radio, TV and print campaign in support of Caleb Frostman not only smears Andre Jacque, but those lies also negatively impact Kewaunee County land values.

This is the same tactic used by the Kewaunee Cares folks and other Progressives who are applying the Democrats tactic of “tell a lie long enough, and people will start believing it.” 

The lie? 

WLCV is airing a radio ad here in Kewaunee County that claims "more than 60% of the wells have feces in the water".  This is outrageous and an outright lie and WLCV should stop promoting this lie now.  I couldn't find a copy of this radio ad online to link to, so a friend of mine recorded it.  Click on this link to listen to the ad (turn up your volume)!

Here is the truth! 

According to Kewaunee County Land and Water report there are 4,896 wells in Kewaunee County.  Over a 14 year  period 2004 – 2018 there were 1358 of those wells tested in Kewaunee County.  That means a total of 27.7% of all the wells in the County had been tested one time or another.  Of thoses wells tested, 407 or 29.97% were deemed unsafe for high content of coliform, e-coli or nitrates.  

Very important, read the small print on the slide above as it explains these wells had previously tested positive for coliform or high nitrates.
This is where the Dr. Borchart report is being misrepresented by WLCV.  Borchard randomly selected 621 wells from Kewaunee County and tested them.  Of the 621 wells tested 208 tested positive for high bacteria (fecal) or nitrates.  Then he randomly selected 131 wells of the 208 and tested further to determine the source of the fecal contamination.  

The results of those 131 well samples showed 62 contained human or bovine microorganisms, 29 samples contained human microorganisms, 7 samples contained both human and bovine microorganisms, and 40 contained bovine microorganisms. The next two slides are from Dr. Borchart's presentation.

The WLCV owes Andre Jacque an apology, they need to apologize to all the residents of Kewaunee County for misrepresenting the real picture with regard to our private well situation.  These kind of exaggerated statements hurt our county.  They negatively impact sales of our homes and they negatively impact tourism growth in the county.  

I would be the 1st person to say. "It would be a wonderful world if we had no wells polluted, but that is not reality."  This problem with Kewaunee, Door, Calumet and other counties with Karst rock is not a new problem.  Yes it needs to be managed, the dairy farmers in Kewaunee Co. have been responsive to change, but organizations like Kewaunee Cares and WLCV should not misconstrue or misrepresent the data.

Here is a question you have to ask yourself.  What kind of character does Caleb Frostman really have.  He resigned his position as a Director of Economic Development for Door County to run for this office.  Certainly he must understand that running these type of ads destroy the image of Kewaunee Co.  BTW, Door County has the same well problems we have, but Kewaunee Cares and WLCV and Frostman don't talk about that.

Get out and vote for this special election on June 12th.  I would suggest you vote for Andre Jacque, a solid conservative that does care about clean water, a pro-family, pro-life, pro-liberty candidate.  

One other comment.... This special election that will cost the County about $60K (unbudgeted) and was totally unnecessary as whoever wins this election will not cast one vote or sit in any actual senate session as there will be none until after the November election.