Yard Art

For the past several years I have created simple, what Pinterest calls, Yard Art.  Not much of a welder, but I manage, and with a small plasma cutter, I have expanded my horizon.  I don't sell the pieces, I make them for relatives and friends and give them away.

This, as I call it, Petrocube is a 2'x2'x2' 16 gage metal cube that swivels on it's base.  All 6 sides are either etched or cut with petroglyph designs inspired from petroglyphs from throughout the world.

Kokopelli (5'8" tall, mounted in a limestone rock), a mythical character revered by native American cultures.   Kokopelli is a trickster and God of music.  To the Hopi tribe, Kokopelli is also the symbol of fertility.  Over the years, I spent a lot of time in the Southwest, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona specifically.  Went white water rafting twice through the Grand Canyon and those trips specifically where in the middle of literally "no-where" the early inhabitants would carve their petroglyphs in the sandstone rock.  Thousands of years later those petroglyph drawings still remain.


This life size horse head I made form horseshoes.  I made it for my nephew who has horses.  I
had no idea how it would turn out when I started, but, all-in, it turned out to be a very nice piece.

Decorative Cannery Stanchion made from an old cow stanchion from a barn that used to stand on County Trunk B, South of Hwy 29.  I made this as a gift for my, now, gone friend, John Pagel for his Cannery Restaurant located in Green Bay.  It is there in the restaurant today.

Catfish Art stands about 4 feet with a base from an old disk.  I made this for a friend that lives in Iowa on the Mississippi.  The catfish is made of old horse shoes and is about 2.5 feet long. 

Ladybugs made out of old cattle drinking cups.  I have made about 100 of these in various colors.  Typically they are placed in a garden somewhere.  Easy to make, but a pain to paint!

Wooden bird houses of various shapes and sizes.  These happen to have roofs that are covered with stone although you can't see them in this picture.

Horse shoe Border Collie.  I have a lovely Border Collie, and I made this simple replication of her out of horseshoes.  Easy to make, made out of horse shoes and rail spikes.

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