Friday, January 18, 2019

Latest on the Kewaunee Co. Broadband Boondoggle

Follow-up on bad idea to spend up to $1m of your tax dollars on building Internet Towers in Kewaunee Co.
After the $1M budget line was removed from the 2019 Budget by a board vote of 16 opposed, 4, in favor. Our illustrious Board Chairman appointed a Broadband Study Committee.... here is that committee that is clearly stacked in favor of the spend..... Great work Bob, when a ludicrous proposal is defeated by the board....LET IT DIE!
Kewaunee County Broadband Study Committee The committee reports to the PAL committee and the Board. Term December 18, 2018 to April, 2020. This committee is comprised of County Board Members & County Staff Citizen Members

Broadband Committee will be jointly co-chaired by Bob Weidner and Gary Paape
Citizen Members include:
Frank Madzarevic, N3733 Cedar Ln, Luxemburg
Ryan Hoffmann, 1804 Idlewild Rd, Sturgeon Bay
August Neverman, E1595 Old Settlers Rd, Denmark
Jason Melotte, E7257 Washington Rd, Algoma
Kim Larson, KCEDC
County Staff Members
Jeffrey Wisnicky, Steve Hanson and Scott Feldt
County Board Members
Thomas Romdenne, Virginia Haske, Lee Luft, , Mary Ellen Dobbins, Kent Treml, Aaron Augustian and Thomas Cretney,
If you wish to weigh in on this "bad idea" boondoggle or whatever else you want to call it, contact these members and inform them as to your position on this project.
There are companies that provide high speed internet service already doing so in the County, and they will put more towers up to provide service at their expense. You already know, if you want something to NOT OPERATE EFFICIENTLY, get the government involved.

So, what will be accomplished by this group of 18 folks?  Given this is running for about 15 Months, I would imagine a good number of dollars spent on per diems and expenses for zero return.

Sunday, January 6, 2019


Just before Christmas I attended my the funeral of one of my grandniece. She died of an overdose, not so coincidentally, the same day her boyfriend died of an overdose in Memphis TN. As always, I researched the drug scene in Memphis and learned very quickly there had been 18 opium related deaths from Nov 18 through Nov 30. That pace continued on into December. Opium more than likely laced with fentanyl is what is apparently killing off these young people. My grandniece's death is being treated as a murder by local Memphis authorities, as whomever provided/sold that lethal dose is responsible for her death.
Read this book "Dream Land" by Sam Quinones. In this book the Quinones describes in detail how the opioid epidemic was foisted on the U.S. by the Mexicans from the State of Nayarit. President Trump gets it! Have a look at these stats.
CDC states that between the years of 1999 to 2015 there have been more than 183,000 deaths in direct relation to opioid overdose. Between the years 2010 to 2014, according to the DEA There was a spike in opioid overdose with an increase of 258% that occurred.
America has officially reached an all-time high, in 2016, in regards to opioid overdose. The current statistics reported from the CDC have revealed that in 2016, 91 Americans died daily from opioid overdose. What is worse is that in 2017, that number increased to 142 people in the U.S. dying per day with drug use.
Remember when Trump was running for President and he specifically noted the overwhelming drug problems in Ohio and West Virginia? Well, Trump got it, he understands the problem and this is why he is hell bent on the border security between the U.S. and Mexico. THERE IS NO DOUBT A BARRIER, WALL, FENCE, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT WOULD PARTIALLY STEM THE FLOW OF DRUGS FROM MEXICO.
I am a Vietnam Veteran and we buried 58,000 great young men as a result of that meaningless war. Put that into perspective. That war was 10 years long, and now we are killing off bright young people at nearly 55,000 per year as a result of the illicit drug trade. How can we accept that?
One other thing in closing. While in Vietnam, I was a Company Commander and I saw, first hand, what the accelerated use of Marijuana does to people. It changes good productive people who lose interest in their jobs and become lackadaisical in their approach to life in general.