Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Wisconsin Voter Alliance files Suit in Wisconsin Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Voter Alliance (WVA) is an organization founded by a group of concerned voters right here in Kewaunee County. The WVA is an organization dedicated to, the promotion, retention and integrity of our voting systems in Wisconsin and throughout our Country.

An Emergency Petition was filed with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, today Nov 24th, concerning the Nov 3rd Presidential election.  The Court received this document this morning and subsequently assigned a number to this case.

The voting malfeasance referenced in this petition largely occurred in the counties of Milwaukee, Dane, Racine and Kenosha.  Kewaunee County, along with most rural counties have County Clerks that run a tight ship when it comes to elections.

Folks, I would hope you take the time to read this 47-page petition(see link below).  The Wisconsin Voter Alliance (WVA) and individual plaintiffs who brought this petition to the Wisconsin Supreme Court firmly believe that our election process in Wisconsin has gone off the rails.  Further, unless, and until, our Wisconsin Election Commission, a handful of County Clerks, and voters who willfully break the laws are made to follow the law, we will never have a fair election.  

Just watch, hand in hand with these miscreants, who willfully disobey our election laws, the biased media will immediately attack the findings of proven malfeasance this lawsuit presents. That is reality in today's political climate. 

The WVA was formed right here in Kewaunee County by a group of people who are concerned about the integrity of our voting system.  Currently our system of voting is broken, and it needs to be fixed.  Clearly that is brought to the forefront in this petition.  

Although this petition clearly deals with the cheating schemes that were used to affect the Presidential election, you will see that President Trump's name is not mentioned once.  The reason for that is, this petition supports the basic tenants of the WVA which is interested in maintaining and preserving integrity in our election process. 

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As this moves forward, I will continue to update information on Facebook and with additional emails.

 I can't begin to tell you how many man hours of research and work have gone into getting this petition completed.  It was a behemoth project.  I want to thank the Thomas Moore Society for their brilliant lawyers, Bill Mohrman and Erick Kaardal, they have been great to work with.  I also want to thank all those folks who helped me find the right people who provided sworn affidavits and also thank those who individually signed on as petitioners in this case.   

This fight has just begun.  The WVA will continue to fight the idea that money donated by billionaires like the Zuckerberg’s cannot be allowed to control our elections.

Ron Heuer, President, Wisconsin Voter Alliance

 Petition Filed with Supreme Court Nov 24