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Algoma High School Website
In 2004, I started a simple website for our 40th class reunion.  Well that project has turned into a passion for my brother Marty and I.  What started as a simple website for Algoma High School (AHS) graduating class site is now full-blown history of Algoma High School starting in 1895 with a list of all graduates from AHS, and PDF copies of all AHS annuals.  It is a one of a kind website that has taken hundreds of hours to put together.  My brother deserves a lot of credit for the scanning of these annuals and cleaning up thousands of pages where people had scribbled their notes of graduation congratulations.  Visit Algoma High School here

Our family completed about a 10 year genealogy project that resulted in a book titled "Pioneers of Ahnapee (Algoma, Wisconsin). This 1054 page book with 703 images has a great historical section devoted to Kewaunee County and of course spans generations of Heuer's from Pommern, Prussia in the early 1700's through the immigation and up to the year of 2000. This project was primarily driven by my Mother, Gertrude M. Heuer, my oldest brother, Marty Heuer, my sister, Diane Piette with each person delivering on various parts of the book, research, writing, editing, publishing and the like. I did the website and you can view the entire project online here:   Heuer Family

My brother Marty and I enjoy singing together. We've been doing it for years, but around 2012 we started singing at local events and doing gigs in N.E. Wisconsin.  We ended up with a group called the Heuer Brothers. With my older brother Marty and I playing guitars and singing, a base player, a mandolin player and a harmonica player we improved to be a fair group.  Unfortunately, what started as a fun time turned into work.  We were booked nearly every weekend for two summers and then we decided it was time to hang it up!

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