Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thank You Governor Walker

Today Governor Walker held a listening session at the Kewaunee Administration Building from 9:45 AM until 11:15 AM.  At that listening session with 40-plus invited guests, the Governor invited the participants to first list "what do you like about Wisconsin".  The Governor listed all those contributed comments on a white board.

Following the listing of those items, the Governor then asked those attendees to think of the future, 7- 10 years out and to provide him with their vision of how the County and the State of Wisconsin should look at that time & what should be done now and in the subsequent years to ensure we can deliver that vision.

The attendees were included housewives, business owners, some city officials, retirees, High School Students and Educators, a very good cross-section of the County residents.  A lot of good ideas were expressed and the Governor did leave with a good picture of our county's current status.  I have reason to believe that all the participants were pleased with the session.

I have received calls from a couple of folks saying this was a closed townhall meeting.  First, it wasn't a townhall.  The Governor's office handled all the invitations.  His staff had reached out to several individuals in the County to submit names and they were clear with their instructions.  They did not want just business leaders, they did not want just community officials.  The Governor's office then selected those people they wanted to invite and invite them they did.

I had the honor or welcoming the Governor and I thanked him for the $4.2M grant we received for the Kewaunee Harbor restoration project, I also thanked him for his help in having the DOR help us with the utility tax issue.  I also thanked him for the unprecedented attention and cooperation our Kewaunee County is receiving from the DNR, DATCP and PSC with regard to our groundwater and surface water issues.

We thank the Governor for coming to Kewaunee County and listening to the concerns of our residents.

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