Friday, April 12, 2019

Year to date Kewaunee County Board Per Diems and Expenses

Here is a report on your County Supervisors per diems and expenses
for the period May 2018 - Feb 28, 2019

With 10 months of the year behind us, your biggest recipients of per diems and expenses seem to be all from the Algoma area -----District 14, Tom Romdenne -$7,845.92, District 16, Virginia Haske - $7,665.46,  District 1, Gerald Paape - $7,483.92 and District 3, Chuck Wagner - $6,544.31. 

You have to consider the number of committees these people are on.  Then you have to dig deeper into the spend to see what, if any, boondoggle trips they have taken across the State to "better themselves". 
It appears, spending at this rate the per diems and expenses will come in at about $85K for the year.


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