Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Tuesday, July 25, 2023 -  Former County Administrator snags job at Bug Tussel

Our illustrious County Administrator Scott Feldt has moved on.  That is not bad news for the county in any way, as perhaps now the county can hire someone who will be more in sync with what this county needs.  

What I find disingenuous and somewhat an ethical issue in Feldt's departure is where he allegedly is going.  Reportedly he is going to work for Bug Tussel in some capacity.  Remember Feldt fought so valiantly to loan our counties $1M to Bug Tussel.  Feldt found that deal, promoted that deal and ultimately pushed the board to loan one million dollars to Bug Tussel in a scheme that was to provide internet access across the county.  

That scheme has not brought anything new to the county and it seems the only person who benefitted is none other than Feldt in finding a new job.

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  1. The former County Administrator securing a position at Bug Tussel demonstrates the value of their experience and expertise in the telecommunications industry. Their transition highlights the synergy between public sector leadership and private sector innovation in advancing connectivity initiatives. This move could potentially bring fresh perspectives and drive positive outcomes for both Bug Tussel and the communities it serves.

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