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Partisan Primary Election: Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Partisan Primary Election: Tuesday, August 14, 2018

On June 19th, the Kewaunee County Board of Canvassers met to verify and certify the results of the June 12th special State Senate General election.  As usual, that process went very well without any discrepancies. 

I wanted to take a moment to extend my thanks to our County Clerk, Jamie Annoye, her staff and all the poll workers in the townships villages and cities who do a terrific job at all of our elections to ensure elections in this county are managed, reported and certified in a very professional manner.

Notice the title of this article.  It is about an upcoming August 14th Partisan Primary Election.  This Partisan Primary will be a challenge to everyone including those managing the election process and yes, the voters.  Why?  Primarily because of the number of candidates in the various races and how that impacts, ballot printing, absentee voting, the programming for electronic voting and training for poll workers.  

THIS IS IMPORTANT, PLEASE TAKE NOTE.  In a Partisan Primary, the voter must make a selection as to what party they are voting, then that voter can only vote for candidates that represent that party.  If the voter selects (votes for) a candidate out of that party in any of the races, that vote on their ballot becomes invalid and not counted for that race.  The balance of the ballot remains valid.

Voting procedure for paper ballot and absentee voters.  Voters will first choose a party, then vote for candidates in that party throughout the races.  Absentee voters, remember to complete all the information on the form to include having the witness signature, if you don't do that your vote will be disqualified.    

Voting procedure on electronic voting will be somewhat easier because it won't let you make a mistake.  On electronic voting you will be prompted to select a party.  Once you have done that, the electronic system will only display those candidates who are running with that party, so you less likely to make a mistake

The following information listing the candidates by office came directly from the attached Ballot Proof .  I would suggest you familiarize yourself with the attached ballot proof as Kewaunee County Voters will have a total of 47 candidates on the ballot.  In addition to those on the ballot, there are now write-in candidates that have registered, I have those listed at the bottom of those on the ballot.

Candidates on Ballot Proof by Election

2018 Partisan Primary - 8/14/2018

GOVERNOR                               Incumbent:   Scott Walker

Candidates                                    Party Affiliation
Scott Walker                                   Republican

Robert Meyer                                  Republican

Andy Gronik                                   Democratic

Matt Flynn                                      Democratic

Tony Evers                                      Democratic

Josh Pade                                        Democratic

Mike McCabe                                 Democratic

Mahlon Mitchell                             Democratic

Kelda Helen Roys                           Democratic

Paul Soglin                                      Democratic

Kathleen Vinehout                          Democratic

Dana Wachs                                    Democratic

Phillip Anderson                             Libertarian

Michael J. White                             Wisconsin Green

Total number of Governor Candidates: 14

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR      Incumbent:   Rebecca Kleefisch

Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

Rebecca Kleefisch                          Republican

Kurt J. Kober                                  Democratic

Mandela Barnes                              Democratic

Patrick Baird                                   Libertarian           

Tiffany Anderson                            Wisconsin Green

Total number of Lieutenant Governor Candidates: 5

ATTORNEY GENERAL             Incumbent:   Brad Schimel

Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

Brad Schimel                                  Republican

Josh Kaul                                        Democratic

Terry Larson                                   Constitution

Total number of Attorney General Candidates: 3

SECRETARY OF STATE           Incumbent:   Doug La Follette

Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

Jay Schroeder                                 Republican

Spencer Zimmerman                      Republican

Doug La Follette                            Democratic

Arvina Martin                                Democratic

Total number of Secretary of State Candidates: 4

STATE TREASURER               Incumbent:    Matt Adamczyk (Filed Non-Candidacy)

Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

Travis Hartwig                               Republican

Jill Millies                                      Republican

Dawn Marie Sass                           Democratic

Cynthia Kaump                              Democratic

Sarah Godlewski                            Democratic

Andrew Zuelke                               Constitution

Total number of State Treasurer Candidates: 6

UNITED STATES SENATOR      Incumbent: Tammy Baldwin

Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

George C. Lucia                             Republican

Leah Vukmir                                  Republican

Griffin Jones                                  Republican

Kevin Nicholson                            Republican

Charles Barman                             Republican

Tammy Baldwin                            Democratic

Total number of United States Senator Candidates: 6


Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

Mike Gallagher                               Republican

Beau Liegeois                                 Democratic

Total number of Representative in Congress District 8 Candidates: 2

STATE SENATOR, DISTRICT 1     Incumbent: Caleb Frostman

Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

Bill Nauta                                       Republican

Andre Jacque                                  Republican

Caleb Frostman                              Democratic

Total number of State Senator, District 1 Candidates: 3


Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

Joel Kitchens                                  Republican

Total number of Representative to the Assembly, District 1 Candidates: 1


SHERIFF  - Incumbent:  Matt Joski

Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

Matt Joski                                      Republican

CLERK OF CIRCUIT COURT - Incumbent: Rebecca A. Deterville

Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

Rebecca A. Deterville                    Democrat

CORONER  - Incumbent:  Rory Groessel

Candidates                                    Party Affiliation

Rory Groessel                                 Democrat

As of July 3, 2018, there are 3 registered write-in candidates that poll workers will need to keep track of, they are:
Paul Boucher - Governor (Democratic)
Corban Gehler - Lieutenant Governor (Democratic)
William Henry Davis III - Lieutenant Governor (Democratic)

To view the official primary ballot, click here.......

August 14, 2018 Partisan Primary Ballot

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