Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Moving the goalposts on Kewaunee County Broadband

Lies last only a moment, but the truth lasts forever

Our silver-tongued Kewaunee County Administrator Scott Feldt is now moving the goalposts on the Kewaunee County Broadband project. He effectively did this at the Monday, May 11th meeting of the Executive Committee.  

When he was asked by one of the attending Supervisors why the whole County (all residents), were not going to be serviced by Bug Tussel, as had been represented by Bug Tussel, our lead Bureaucrat Feldt responded;  "No one broadband company can provide broadband service to all the customers in any County."

Now, keep in mind, this is the same Administrator, that for months, sat on the Kewaunee Broadband Committee, attended those Committee meetings, and then crafted the official broadband RFPHere is the verbiage directly from the RFP (click here to see the County's RFP): "Proposal Scope: Provide broadband (high speed internet) of at least 25 down and 10 up for all rural residents within Kewaunee County)."  Notice it says all, not some.

Administrator Feldt, throughout the months leading to the construction of the RFP, had been steadfast about ensuring any money spent by the County would guarantee that all residents would have broadband made available.

I hate repeating myself over and over, but the problem with this entire boondoggle spending $960,000 of County money and $960,000 of State PSC grant money on the project, as presently laid out, is a waste and will not meet the expectations of the residents of Kewaunee County.

This project should be halted in its tracks and a proper assessment of what county residents require for broadband service should be completed first.  The haphazard survey completed by the County turned out to yield anecdotal comments from people who didn't have, or didn't like their current broadband service.  

Yes, there are areas that are under-served, we need to identify them and then get the service directly to them.  Garbage in, garbage out. 


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